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Getting the maximum ROI on your social media requires finding the solution that fits your needs, which means not paying for more support than necessary. Before taking on any client I assess the broader picture in your business and will advise on the most efficient and cost-effective way for me to support your social media so it works hard for you. 

On the whole, it comes down to three things; strategy, skills and manpower.

Some businesses have the manpower, but lack clarity on what their social media goals are and how to reach them. This is really common. I can write a comprehensive strategy document and follow up with training to make sure it can be successfully executed in-house.

Other businesses are really clear on what they are trying to achieve, but lack the skills in-house to maximise their presence online. In this situation I would recommend a small strategy brush up and some really targeted training.

Then there are the businesses that don’t have the manpower and want to hand over the day to day management. These can be really rewarding relationships as we work together to reach business wide goals. An arrangement like this can last as long as you need it to, and in accordance with your strategy we can adapt the input as we go along. It’s all about flexibility to suit your business.

The most fulfilling part of what I do is helping small and medium sized businesses work more effectively. It’s hugely rewarding for me to find the right solution for each individual client, and to see the positive impact my support has on them.

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“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” Lee Bolman.

In order for me to create a truly effective strategy I will spend some time with you, either online or face to face, to help me understand your business. Together we will identify your goals so I can create a comprehensive strategy to support you achieving them.


Training can come in different formats. I can either work in-house with you/your team to give you the skills you need to execute your strategy brilliantly and manage your own day to day social media, or you may be part of a group of businesses owners who would like to club together for some general training. Alternatively you could join one of my workshops.


For some businesses handing over the day to day management of social media works best. This can be done on a short or long term basis, but you will always remain connected to the process. Each month I will report on the metrics and we can keep tweaking the strategy to ensure I stay on track to achieve your goals.


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