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Which platforms should my business be on?

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

‘Well we need to be on Facebook, obviously, Twitter, Instagram, we should probably do more on LinkedIn and I’ve heard that we should be on Pinterest too’.

This is not an unusual response from a new business owner when talking about the platforms they have in mind for their new venture. The same often applies to existing businesses, but my advice is to narrow it down and really nail your strategy on two, or maximum three, platforms. There’s nothing to stop you adding more in when you’ve hit your stride.

‘Can’t we just publish the same content on each platform to save time?’

Yes, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Each social media platform is designed to perform differently and duplicating exactly the same posts every time will take the edge of how effective they are across the board. You also need to consider your loyal follower, who might see the same content on three platforms on the same day. That’s a bit dull.

Managing your business’s social media properly takes time; don’t weigh down your workload by taking on more platforms than you can manage really well.

When deciding which platforms would work best for your business you need to consider things like:

· your industry

· your audience

· your budget and whether advertising should be part of your strategy

· the type of content you produce

· the time you can commit to the platform

· your skills

If you think you could benefit from a review to clarify where your efforts are best made, drop me a line

Like most things, your social media platforms need a little individual attention to flourish


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