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Get it Sched-yuled!

Christmas is coming and….. you want to switch off.

When you log off from work for the festivities, it’s really important that your business keeps talking to your audience. Without a bit of forward planning you get left with the headache of having to create content when you’re supposed to be on holiday, and as a result, putting up poor quality posts. Instead, block out a few hours in December and get all your holiday content scheduled in. If you’ve never scheduled your posts before, these are free (at least for a trial period) and easy tools:

Facebook and Twitter

If you are using some of the same content for both of these platforms you might consider using a scheduling tool which covers both. has a 30 day free trial, which would comfortably see you through the festive season. has a 14 day free trial, also giving you the chance to load some content in for the holidays. I’ve had excellent customer service from SmarterQueue in the past, and Hootsuite is a really popular and robust tool.

If you’re not using both, it’s really simple (and free) to schedule natively from your Facebook page. For clear instructions visit


I’m a big fan of for no nonsense Instagram posting. For a long time they were the most reliable auto-poster, but even though other apps have now caught up, I remain loyal. I mostly work from the browser and it’s one of the most glitch free social media tools I use. Their basic package is free.

Pinterest all the way, but if you use Pinterest I’m going to presume you’re already onto Tailwind. Your first 100 pins are free.

Scheduling tools are like a much loved brand of jeans, you need to find the ones which fit just right for you, and can work best with the platforms you’re using. If you’re looking for something that’s not just for Christmas, check out a few others which also get good feedback, and

With all your Christmas content lined up you’ve definitely earned an extra mince pie, but don’t forget to check in periodically over the holidays to engage with your audience. Also, keep the Stories coming, they’re highly digestible content for the turkey dazed and sofa bound. If you go for a free Instagram app you’ll need to post these manually, which is quickly and easily done if you prep them before and save them on your phone.

Have a very happy holiday!

Get your Christmas content sched-yuled!

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